Tree Transplanting With A Tree Spade

Tree transplanting is pretty difficult work for any professional landscaper or nurserymen. It’s not technically difficult, just laborious. It is especially difficult when you’re relocating large trees for your clients. The root system is vast and the root ball is heavy. Employing a compact tree spade like the ProLine™ SHOVEL, makes this process much easier. Continue reading

Top Trends for Backyard Projects

backyard projectBack yards are increasingly becoming extensions of indoor living spaces. Homeowners are more than willing to invest in, indeed indulge in, a sumptuous outdoor living space so long as it is eco-friendly. In fact, the average deck addition now costs more than $10,000. For garden centers and nurseries, this turn toward the extravagant can lead to higher profits and better business, but only if they offer their customers the right materials and options. Here are few of the most popular trends in backyard projects and the materials that make them possible.

Continue reading

Value-Added: Profits from Landscape and Nursery Equipment

tree_forks_02Landscape and Nursery equipment can increase efficiency and productivity while improving safety and product quality. Machinery can also bleed you dry if you make poor choices and don’t track expenses. Understanding how equipment produces a return can help nurseries and landscape professionals improve margins, minimize losses, reduce labor costs, and out-shine competitors. Continue reading

Why Use A Tree Mover Machine?

If you’ve ever been to a tree farm you will have seen these tree movers all over the place. A farm is a little different than your local nursery. The nursery typically carries what most people would consider trees. However, these potted little things are just saplings, new baby trees. They’re fairly easy to transplant, easy to move and transport. Tree farms, however, have much larger trees that simply cannot be moved without tree moving machines. Continue reading