ProLine™ Pot Handler Makes Nursery Work Much Easier

What makes the ProLine™ Pot Handleunique from tree tongs or “Jaw” types and other nursery equipment is its ability to grasp small delicate decorative items as well as large bulky containers. The ProLine™ Pot Handler is uniquely designed with four paws lined with an abrasion-resistant, highly durable rubber. For gripping, the rubber paddles are far superior for grasping b&b as well as providinga cushion for impacts that can damage pots when clutched with metal paddles. Continue reading

Nursery Equipment ProLine™ Pot Handler – A new way to solve an old problem

One of the biggest problems we face as nurserymen is how to move our products around without breaking anything! Moving large pots can not only be detrimental to the pot, but to the tree as well. Time is usually in short supply around the yard, so movement must be precise or the old saying “haste makes waste” will become especially true! At ProLine™, we understand how important it is to run an efficient yard so we have developed the ProLine™ Pot Handler to make your life, and the life of your plants, easier. Continue reading

This entry was posted on March 6, 2015, in Pot Handler.