Winter is the Best Time to Design a Landscape

winter landscape design

For many home and business owners, winter landscape design might seem like a contradiction. But once the lawnmowers and shovels are out of sight and the leaves fully raked, professional landscape designers have more time to re-imagine all that an outdoor space can be.

Winter is an ideal time to work with a professional to set the stage for a stunning presentation for the upcoming year. Continue reading

Are You A Professional Landscaper?

It’s interesting how there are so many “professional landscapers” in the business today. Having a lawnmower and weed-eater, a professional landscaper make. For those of you who truly are real life landscapers this can be offensive to have these people moving in on your turf. (pun intended)

So how do you convey to your potential clients the difference between you and the rest of the pack? Continue reading