Small Tree Spade Attachment for Nurseries and Landscapers

You won’t find small tree spade that can do the work of a standard-size bucket, like the ProLine™ SHOVEL. Tree farms, nurseries and professional landscapers all can use this compact, efficient and affordable pieces of tree moving equipment. A reliable tree spade attachment for your skid steer can increase productivity, allowing your employees the flexibility to perform a variety of tasks. Continue reading

This entry was posted on May 13, 2015, in Tree Spade.

Tree Spade vs. The ProLine™ SHOVEL

We all know digging up a tree by hand is hard, back-breaking work. As a nursery owner it is also cost prohibitive. Not only is the labor cost expensive, but the possibility of damaging the tree in the process increases dramatically when digging by hand with every push of the shovel. As trees mature they become harder to move, so a tree spade is the best way to ensure safety of the tree as well as your workman. A tree spade is designed to dig down and lift the root ball up in one movement. It has telescoping cylinder blades that easily trench around the root ball and remove it. These types of tree spades can be expensive and unfortunately they only have one use. Continue reading

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