ProLine™ Pot Handler

ProLine™ Pot Handler



Commercial landscaping and nursery equipment  needs to be designed for the specific jobs that are unique to nurseries, tree farms and commercial landscapers. Manually moving trees is just not an option and moving pots and trees with standard skidsteer attachments is not safe, nor is it productive. At ProLine™, we know and understand all of this. How do we know this? After many years in the tree farm business we have real life experience with nursery equipment that doesn’t work because people doing the actual job didn’t specifically design it. That’s why we designed the ProLine™ Pot Handler. It works for specific tree transplanting and landscaping needs.

What Makes The ProLine™ Pot  Handler Different?

The ProLine  Pot Handler, while sturdy enough to handle a pot as large as 40”, is gentle enough to handle terracotta pots, and garden figurines. The Pot Handler is uniquely designed with paddles lined with rubber. This rubber absorbs any impact that a delicate pot might experience when it’s being moved from one location to another or being loaded for transport. Eliminating the impact and jarring in turn reduces the chances of chipping and breaking the pot. Rubber is naturally a gripping material, so the chances of one of the larger pots slipping from the ProLine™ Pot Handler’s grip is very unlikely. We even thought about the wear and tear on the rubber. No one has time to be replacing rubber grips because the abrasive nature of concrete, terra cotta and unfinished ceramic pots has eaten away the grips. So the particular rubber on the Pot Handler is soft enough to absorb impacts, but tough enough to be abrasion resistant.

This feature is great for nurserymen that have hard containers with established plants, but is it ok for landscapers who need to move freshly potted plant material in soft pots? Absolutely! Even though the Pot Handler will move large solid pots, it was designed to encircle pots with 4 padded paws. This minimizes distortion that might happen when moving a soft pot before the planting medium has settled. This is an excellent feature for productivity; plant it, move it, and move on. No waiting on the medium to settle.

In addition to the handling of pots, the ProLine™  Pot Handler  enables the operator to work in very tight spaces; spaces that other skid steer attachments can’t get into. This attachment is also designed to fit any of the four models of ProLine™ GRABBERS.