The Ultimate Tree Fork: ProLine™ FORQUES

Tree_forksWe say “ultimate tree fork” because we believe you will not find a better product at a better price.

Like our competitors’ tree forks, the ProLine™ FORQUES are designed to move multiple root balls. Perhaps some of the other products have added “safety features” they say will allow the operator to transport single B&B, but this just adds cost, provides no real safety for the operator and is just plain bad design.

We stress that our FORQUES are for moving multiple root balls, but here’s where we differ significantly from our competitors; the ProLine™ FORQUES are a $300 attachment for the ProLine™ GRABBER, which will allow you to move single root balls. Instead of paying $3200 for a single use piece of equipment, you’ll pay far less with the GRABBER and FORQUE attachment.

With the GRABBER and the FORQUES you’ll be able to do all of this, more efficiently and more economically:

  • The GRABBER quickly attaches to skid steers with auxiliary hydraulics
  • Safely handles rootballs 14″ to 54″ in size.
  • Transport multiple plants with the FORQUES, up to three 24″ root balls. (And, change from paddles to FORQUES in seconds!)
  • Telescoping arms on the GRABBER extend reach to over 8 ft. Load from one side of the trailer!
  • Unique paddle design permits retrieval of healed-in or in-ground B&B stock.
  • Move and place boulders up to 300 lbs.
  • When the FORQUES are removed the GRABBER will easily allow you to gently place a tree in the hole.

Contact us for more information on the ProLine™ FORQUES, the ultimate in tree forks.