16 PL Grapple Rear View
Now, a tree grapple accessory to fit your ProLineGRABBER, any model from the Mini to the largest. Here’s a rugged tool that will do the job of collecting branches, logs, or boulders. This Grapple will pin-attach into the same pin holders as your hand-shaped paddles in a matter of seconds. Why not add the flexibility of yet another tool to your tool box? Why carry another dedicated tool on your trailer or take up valuable storage space in your shed when a simple, cost-effective, rugged tool can do the job better than many designs that are clamp-on or add-on devices to your skid steer bucket.

This Grapple uses the principle of multi-vector action to improve how effectively it picks up rubbish by using not only the forward motion of the skid steer but also the perpendicular clamping action of the ProLineGRABBER.tree grapple

The ProLineGRAPPLE is available in a 48 inch length for the Mini Skids and 60 inch lengths for the full size skid steers. There is no more ruggedly built grapple than the ProLineGRAPPLE.