Tree Transplanting Equipment

ProLine™ GRABBER:Custom Designed Tree Transplanting Equipment

Proline Grabber - Tree Transplant EquipmentProline Grabber - Tree Transplant Equipment

      As our video demonstrated, the Grabber is a handy piece of

tree transplanting equipment

    . For the tree farmer or stock nursery having the Grabber almost becomes essential for efficient moving of your tree stock.

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    • The ProLine™ GRABBER™ is designed to fit all late-model skid steers, and enables the skid steer operator to move, load and unload B&B material quickly, safely, and with no helpers! The uniquely shaped paddles cradle the plant or tree rootball, preventing distortion and damage, and insure stability of the load as it’s being transported across rough terrain. All of this so you can work more efficiently, with less help!
    • Two models to fit all late-model full size skid steers.
    • Quickly attaches to skid steers with auxiliary hydraulics.
    • Safely handles rootballs 14″ to 54″ in size.
    • Model 20/36 transports multiple plants with the FORQUES attachment, up to three 28″ size. And, change from paddles to FORQUES in seconds!
    • Telescoping arms on Model 20/36 extend reach to over 8 ft. Load from one side of the trailer!
    • Unique paddle design permits retrieval of healed-in or in-ground B&B stock.
    • Move and place boulders up to 3000 lbs. with Models 20/36 or 32/54
    • The ProLine™ GRABBERMINI is intended for the mini-walk-behind market on such machines as the Dingo, Ramrod, Ditchwitch, Thomas, Vermeer, and several others. Machines like the Power Trac and the Bobcat MT52/MT55 require an optional adaptor to accommodate their special mounting plates.



ProLine™ Grabber 20/36
ProLine™ Grabber 32/54
335 lbs.
295 lbs.
325 lbs.
100 in.
100 in.
84 in.
84 in.



Need to move multiples or odd shapes? How about that once-in-a-while task of moving an oversize tree? The ProLine™ FORQUES quick-attach to the ProLine™ GRABBER in seconds.

The ProLine™ GRABBERMINI provides the same labor-saving benefits as its big brothers, but is downsized to fit the smaller, walk-behind skid steers. It’s smaller and lighter, but just as tough!