ProLine™ Tree Tyer

ProLine™ Tree Tyer Attachment

Tying up trees by hand can be a painful experience, especially with heavily branched Colorado Spruces!  Now, for a fraction of the cost of competitive tyers, and no more on-the-ground help than others require, you can tie up tree tops using the ProLine™ Tree Tyer.

Proline Tree Tyer

The ProLine™ Tree Tyer is a quick-attachment to the ProLine™ GRABBER frame and enables the nurseryman to quickly, easily, gently, and safely lift and compress tree branches into a compact shape for manual tying.  Especially useful for evergreens, the ProLine™ Tree Tyer features a preliminary positioning ring which pre-positions the branches before the primary ring gathers them more tightly for wrapping.  This design reduces the stress on the branches and results in dramatically less branch breakage.

Why spend money for a stand-alone tree tyer?  The ProLine™ Tree Tyer utilizes the existing framework of the ProLineGRABBER saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in equipment cost.  Compare features and cost.  Then call us, the ProDuctivity people, for some really good news!