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Benefits of a Professional Lawn Care Service

professional lawn careBenefits of a Professional Lawn care Service

A professional lawn care service does far more than drop by to mow the lawn and adjust the sprinklers. The commitment from a professional lawn care provider is to maintain the best looking landscape possible that matches the owner’s target ambiance and keeps every growing component in the best health possible. Continue reading

Using Landscape “Zones” to Reduce Wildfire Threats

wild fireMany western states are prone to wildfires. Unfortunately, wildfires often spread to involve rural, suburban, and even urban communities. Landscaping, however, can play a huge role in reducing the threat that wildfires pose to a structure. It may involve moving trees, shrubs and plants as well as choosing plants that are pleasing to your client and fire resistant. The Napa Communities Firewise Foundation advocates for a four-zone approach to landscaping that is designed to create a “defensible space” against wildfires. Continue reading