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The Asian Citrus Psyllid Leads to Quarantine

Asian Citrus PsyllidFor nearly sixty years the United States has dodged infestation by the Asian citrus psyllid, one of two known vectors of the bacterium responsible for citrus greening disease. Though the psyllid has infected trees in Asia for centuries, it only made its move the Americas, specifically Brazil, in 1942. It took another fifty-six years before the psyllid made its way to North America, but once the infestation began, it spread rapidly. The Asian citrus psyllid is now found in fourteen U.S. states and five U.S. territories. It is also present in Mexico. Continue reading

Rooting Out Liabilities: Preventing Injuries and Accidents in Outdoor Spaces

tree rootsIf you operate a nursery or tree farm, you probably–hopefully–are visited by many customers during peak seasons. Like any business, you have to be concerned about safety risks for your customers, however, and how to minimize them. From the sharp edges of landscaping equipment to the endless stretches of hose needed to keep plants thriving, your setting might be brimming with liabilities. You can make your commercial setting safer for both customers and employees by keeping the following tips in mind. Continue reading

Boxwood Blight Returns to U.S. Nurseries

boxwoodThe boxwood is often referred to as “man’s oldest garden ornamental.” The boxwood, which has been planted in European and North American gardens since the mid-1600s, is popular because it can be used in hedges and groupings or as an individual specimen. Until recently, it was also easy to maintain and relatively disease free[1]. Unfortunately, boxwoods are now under threat. Continue reading