ProLine™ Nursery & Landscape Equipment

Tree_moverTree moving can be a painstaking process and the equipment needed must allow you to work fast, yet with no harm to the tree. Every piece of ProLine™ tree nursery equipment is developed and tested at our own working tree farm and nursery which provides us the opportunity to constantly improve the machines needed to run an efficient nursery or landscape operation. With the ProLine™ series of versatile skid steer attachments for tree farmers, nurserymen and professional landscapers are more productive in their work by maximizing the use of their skid steers and loaders instead of other labor-intensive methods.


Our tree transplanting equipment and skid steer attachments are designed with the professional in mind. Whether you are growing tree stock or selling nursery stock or landscaping with the product on the customers’ property, our goal is to reduce cost, increase productivity and establish a more efficient way to make a profit. We understand the demands of this business and have designed specific tree nursery equipment that functions unlike any other currently on the market – and for a more cost-effective price!

At ProLine, we constantly strive to increase productivity and reduce operating costs for your business, which is why we custom build each component of our tree equipment for your specific needs. We invite you to compare ProLine™ equipment to any other brand on the market. Choose from the complete line ProLine’s durable and affordable products for all of your nursery or landscape needs. We are confident our nursery and landscaping equipment will satisfy business owners and individuals alike.

The professionals at ProLine are here to assist you with your custom tree nursery equipment. Give us a call today and let us show you the ProLine difference in action with a demonstration DVD.