Nursery Equipment for the Nurseryman and Landscape Professional

ProLine™- Nursery  Equipment for the Nurseryman and Landscape Professional

Originally located in the heart of Indiana, just North of Indianapolis, Heritage Oak Farm was founded to produce a wide variety of premium quality evergreen conifers for the landscaper, garden center, and real estate developer with tree transplanting and tree moving equipment.

Those years of experience in the tree nursery business has taught us the right equipment is essential for improving the productivity of our operation to insure its financial success. Soon, as our customers saw the unique tree transplanting equipment we designed and built for our own use, they began asking us to reproduce copies for them. That is how we came to develop the ProLine™ series of nursery and tree transplanting equipment for the nurseryman and landscape professional. While our primary focus has been redirected toward developing new productivity-enhancing devices instead of exclusively growing conifers, we recognize that actual field usage is the ‘proof-of-the-pudding’ that separates ProLine™ from much of our competition. We continue to field test and refine every new idea until we’re satisfied that it does what it’s supposed to do safely, efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. Only then do we introduce it as a new product deserving of the ProLine™ brand.

Our Tree Movers

Moving trees is our specialty, with equipment designed from expert knowledge and actual field experience, and custom designed when you have a particular requirement. This permits us to control and minimize costs at every turn.

Our products include: ProLine™ GRABBER, ProLine™ SHOVEL, ProLine™ Tree Tyer, ProLine™ Pot Handler, ProLine™ Forques, ProLine™ Tree Auger, ProLine™ Swingin’GRABBER.



Each ProLine™ item is designed with minimum maintenance needs in mind. You can expect the kind of toughness that will tolerate the abusive environment of a commercial nursery and landscaping. The basis for each product we design is to get the job done job with less help, faster, easier, more safely, and with no damage to the plant material. Check out our nursery equipment and compare.

Remember, ProDuctivity is what ProLine™ is all about!